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Specializing in Spray Foam Insulation, Cellulose and Fire Protection applications.

Air Barrier Insulation Systems is a division of Lakefront Construction located on Highway #7 in Marmora, Ontario (1/2 way between Ottawa and Toronto).

The Air Barrier Insulation division was established to provide state of the art Leeds Certified insulation/fireproofing products that we apply for all of our clients seeking a way to insulate and seal up their homes to reduce energy consumption and...SAVE MONEY! Our company was founded on the premise that we will transform homes through the installation of healthy, energy efficient insulation that exceeds the expectations of our home owners.

With Icynene, Thermocell and W.R. Grace (Monokote) products we are able to meet our mandate!

What We Do

An Air Barrier Insulation employee spraying insulation

Air Barrier Insulation installs... Icynene Spray Foam Insulation both open and closed cell, blown in and dense pack cellulose, HiBar and Monokote fire protection. Cellulose which is an excellent air 'blocker' can be installed to top up already insulated attics to R 40-50. Cellulose can also be applied on top of a 'sealing layer' of spray foam insulation to bring a new attic up to R40 or 50 effectively and economically. Air Barrier Insulation can effectively apply dense pack cellulose or install pour foam into empty wall structures (Century Homes). For every home or commercial building we have a Leeds Certified insulation system that can be installed.

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More Energy Efficient

Air Barrier Insulation employees working on a school

Air Barrier Insulation's spray foam insulations are the most cost-effective insulation material on the market. In fact, spray foam insulation can insulate your residential or commercial property up to 50% more efficiently than other forms of insulation. As a result, you could save thousands of dollars on annual utility and energy costs.

Why?... approximately 50% of the energy in your property is lost due to air infiltration through attics, walls, and rim joists/sill plates in the basement/crawl space.

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Stopping Air Intrusion

Stopping air intrusion is one of spray foams greatest assets. With new homes or additions we will work together with you, your builder/contractor or architect to create your healthy energy efficient home! We want you to be happy with your newly insulated home. For the very best in customer service, professional product installation and outstanding results... give us a call!

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