Insulation installed by Air Barrier Insulation

Getting prepared for insulation installations

How do I prepare my home before an attic installation?

Make sure there is adequate access to your attic. This would be your attic hatch. Sometimes these are located in a closet or hallway. If the hatch is in a closet all items must be removed from the closet. This means clothes, shoes, storage items, etc. Shelving in this area may need to be removed.

For attic removal of damaged materials (must be part of agreed upon estimate) make sure all items near this area are protected with poly sheeting or tarps. There will be a lot of dust and particles falling. This may not be visible to the eye right away. You will want to use a good vacuum to suck up the fallout debris on all surfaces. Try to keep children and pets away until you’ve cleaned up. It is recommended that you replace or clean filters on your furnace, HRV or other ventilation devices.

Preparation for spray foam installation

There should be approximately 5 feet of clearance for installers from the surface to be sprayed. All items in the area should be covered with a poly drop sheet or tarp to protect items from overspray. If possible, try to insulate or close off all vents/cold air returns as well as the room itself to prevent movement of odour and mists.

Crawlspaces must be dry and clear of obstructions, debris or stored items to enable installers to access areas to be sprayed. Again, an area of approximately 5 feet clearance for walls and approximately 3 feet clear from underside of floor joist to the floor of the crawlspace. Please ensure that there is adequate ventilation where needed. We ask that people and pets be out of the house for about 24 hours during and after spraying.

Changing an order

If you find that you require more materials installed the day of installation, we require you to sign a “Change of Order” form stating the changes. You may also want to contact our Air Barrier Insulation Systems estimator before making any changes that would reflect a change in your billing.


You may pay the installers the day of your installation. Cheque, cash or bank draft are acceptable. You may also mail a cheque or bank draft. Credit card payments are accepted at our office or over the phone. There will be a 2.8% service fee added to credit card payments. A late payment of 2.5 % per month (30% per annum) will be charged for invoices unpaid after 30 days from job completion.

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