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Air Barrier Insulation Systems has insulated and fire protected small, medium and large businesses needing to lower operating costs in their heating and cooling seasons and meet code with the installation of a ‘thermal’ barrier. Dealing directly with the manufacturers, Air Barrier Insulation has access to industry specialists in the engineering and building sciences field to make understanding your project specifics the first step in the building of great working relationships.

Providing comfort and savings for almost a decade, Air Barrier Insulation Systems is able to offer to commercial contracting companies/commercial/industrial companies the expertise and experience to get the project completed on time, and on budget. Utilizing our fleet of 5 ton trucks, Air Barrier Insulation Systems is able to bring to the table the confidence, project organization skills, attitude and work ethic that commercial builds need to have to allow efficiency in the trade planning schedule.

As insulation R values rise with new updated building codes across the province, Air Barrier Insulation Systems reviews, and improves our arsenal of products to meet these new requirements. Currently, Air Barrier Insulation proudly offers 4 different insulating/air barrier spray foam product lines. A line of cellulose for attics and dense pack wall systems along with 2 thermal barrier/fire protection code approved products.

Spray Foam Products

  • The Icynene MD-C- 200 a ‘state of the art’ 2lb Canadian made closed cell spray foam.
  • SWD Quick –shield 112 XC with an ‘extreme’ cold formula which can be sprayed at temperatures of -9.5 degrees Celsius!
  • The Icynene ½ pound open cell, hydrophobic spray foam that has been an industry leader for
    over 25 years. This product is Canadian made.
  • Icynene 2 lb closed cell spray foam

Traditional Insulation

  • ProCell Green, and ProCell Blue cellulose products designed to be blown into large and small attics. All ProCell products contain ‘borate’ which is a naturally occurring product that performs
    as an anti vermin and a fire retardant.

Thermal Barriers

  • Monokote Z-3306 a W.R Grace product code approved ‘cementitious’ material for installation as
    a thermal barrier over all types of exposed foam insulation.
  • HiBar a semi cementitious, fibre based code approved thermal barrier for application over all
    types of foam insulation and small steel structural areas.

Air Barrier Insulation System’s Commercial projects

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