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Thanks for great customer service in light of some of the challenges faced on this project.  

Matt Dunkin
Green By Design
Sustainable building, renovations, consulting. greenbydesign@cogeco.ca
Peterborough, ON

I had a chance to have a look at the job on Friday and it looks great! Once again thanks for everything and thank the guys for a great job.

Dennis C.
Marmora, ON

I have found Air Barrier Insulation to be an excellent company to work with. They have done several jobs for us and they are professional, knowledgeable and reliable. They have always given us good advise and a competitive price.

Don Koppin, President
Don Koppin General Contractor & Haliburton County Home Builders Association
Bancroft, ON

Transforming our cottage into a cozy home presented many insulating challenges. Air Barrier Insulation met all those challenges head on, the crawlspace is warm and dry thanks to the spray foam insulation on the walls. Spray foam under the front verandah, now our sun room, keeps our feet warm even with laminate flooring. The blown in cellulose insulation in the attics of the cottage and the garage is great, the service level and professional applications by Air Barrier have turned a once drafty, cold cottage into the cozy, warm home we needed. We would recommend the Air Barrier team to anyone with insulation needs.

Mark and Julie Paterson
Senior National Account Manager-Industrial
Apex Tool Canada LP
Belmont Lake, ON 

Your choices of insulations for our house are fantastic. Our first home energy audit test rated at a poor 64. We called you to inspect our home and make some suggestions for insulating. Well, that was worth the call!! The three types of product were installed by 4 workers who were on time, very professional and polite. In 4 hours everything was done, they even swept up and vacuumed afterwards. Our 2nd energy test popped an amazing 84 score on the final. WOW said the inspector, that’s an unusually high improvement. We are so happy we chose Air Barrier Insulation. Our 45 year old home is now happier, warmer, and will challenge any R 2000 model. With these Air Barrier Systems installed we have reduced heating and cooling costs, as well as overall 25% energy reduction. Results like this proved to us. They are the best at what they do, insulation is their business!!!

Job well done!
Len and Lisa 
Gary, Plainfield Ont.

You may remember you did our basement crawl space last year. This is the end of the calculated heating period. We will not get oil again till September 1, 2012, which is when our new heating season begins. This winter has been relatively mild, but we still only used half the oil we did last year and we have not even used up the 1.5 ton of pellets we buy each year. We usually have to buy extra pellets- not this year. I would say a large part of our savings is due to the Icynene insulation in the basement crawl space. It probable saved us over $1400, even with oil prices going up…I am patting myself on the back and Thank you for the great job your crew did.

Warren, Wellington Ont.

I just wanted to say how completely happy we are with the work done by your installation crew. They were punctual, courteous and efficient. Our 160 year old, story and a half provided many challenges and they went above and beyond to ensure complete encapsulation of the upper half of our home. All areas to be drywalled were shaved to the drywallers satisfaction and all other areas above the ceiling were completely wrapped. When they left, there was No mess or garbage to clean up. Please feel free to use my name as a reference at any time. I am a retired contractor and recognize quality when I see it. Thanks again!

Gary, Belleville, ON

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