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Air Barrier Insulation Systems Insulating a roomWith our ½ pound open cell product, water is the only blowing agent. Icynene contains no HCFC’s, HFA’s, HFC’s, formaldehyde or volatile organic chemicals! It seals out dust, pollen and other allergens from entering the structure. Icynene has been tested by the National Research Council Canada and is hydrophobic (does not wick water). As an air barrier, Icynene spray foam minimizes the potential for condensation and the subsequent mould and mildew.


Insulated room by IcyneneBy sealing the building envelope, ½ pound open cell spray foam effectively minimizes airborne sounds. Spray foam is ideal for reducing unwanted noises for home theaters, plumbing runs &  street traffic.

Icynene Medium Density closed cell foam

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  • Rigid in structure
  • Adds structural stability
  • Air barrier & vapour barrier (don’t need caps)
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